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Hello International Travel Writers/Bloggers:

It’s almost October 2013!  The month of August we are showcasing Mott Green from the Grenada Chocolate Company, (on ESL, and his amazing contributions to green projects. (also view the Travel Channel’s Fast Foods Gone Global Series & check show times on your cable network).  See ESL Carnival’s Editorial on Mott Green here.   In September this article will move to ESL & our new Guest Travel Writer will be showcased.

We are currently on Twitter and other social media in search of some great ESL, (English Second Language), teachers to be featured on our new blog. If you are an intl traveler and have taught ESL overseas in any county tell us your story. Simple guidelines are here:

Our TWITTER presence is (here)  & Our FACEBOOK presence is (here)

As we continue to expand during our third year – we will be bringing online a new website which will suggest more interactive options independent of options available with our online TWITTER presence.  Our new website will allow our students, teachers and visitors to respond to short articles on travel advice, options and stories which make ESL Carnival truly a pre-travel destination for ESL workers abroad.  Also in 2013, ESL Carnival will have a special focus on language, travel, school and work opportunities in Paris, France.  To all of our non-native speakers & students of English – don’t forget to visit the Business English Word List I &II. In the meantime for questions or inclusion on topical material – please visit ESL Carnival on TWITTER or contact:

ESL Carnival:

Tentative deadline of September 15th & will begin showcasing writers beginning on that date with revolving open dates for future submissions. (Just contact us



  1. Hi Carnival:

    Thanx for the chance to spotlight some of my work during my travels thru several locations in India. I just emailed you my submission and hope to see it on the site soon! I included several pictures so choose whichever photos you’d like to post.


    Comment by Chantel Smith | August 31, 2013 | Reply

  2. Hi Carnival. Great day to you. I’ve been teaching ESL over the last eight years & what I’ve discovered is that being on the road is something that I TRULY love. Additionally, one thing that I could always rely on was/is ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching. I’ve worked in China, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, and Ireland as an English teacher for non-natives and found it to be THE MOST exciting, most satisying career that I ever could have imagined. Thanks for the great site w/all the fun links & I plan on submitting a blog story about my teaching travels in France of all places. Also notice that you have some upcoming info about Paris coming to the site. Keep me/us updated!!


    Comment by JOSH | August 31, 2013 | Reply

  3. Comment by ESL Carnival | September 5, 2013 | Reply

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