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Hello Future Sit-Speak-Eat Students:

Today during VIDEO CONFERENCING we took a look at this article: “10 All-American Foods That Foreigners Can’t Stand.” This is an *EXCELLENT* American cultural article that speaks to an array of foods in American culture that can be perceived as being distasteful due to several reasons. Some of the reasons can include:

*Added Preservatives and other Food Additives, Food Coloring, TOO MUCH SUGAR, TOO MUCH FAT and other unhealthy oils and other flavorings that make foreigners grimace with utter dislike! Well, in all honesty any person new to a culture WILL FIND strange foods and flavors that they just never tasted before. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate CULTURE into the LANGUAGE during your studies. There are many more reasons. One, if you plan on traveling abroad you’ll have some idea of what to expect. Also, I was born in America.  Realize that as a child I packed most of these foods in my lunch box everyday for my school lunch!  So, if you’d like to learn more about “HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH Better,” and “How to Master the American Accent,” join us at the following:

ESL Carnival Academy

Online English 101 Course

Conversational English Level: Pre-Intermediate

2-Week Online Course

40 Seats Available (per course)  SKETCH 9

Date: April 13th & April 27th, 2015

TIME: TBA                                                                                                             SKETCH 5


PRICE for 12 Day Class – $180.00 TOTAL USD                                                                                    SKETCH 2

Come Join US!



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My Solo Backpacking Trip to China!

China Craze! Hint – whenever I write a long post, I cut & paste it to my email. Some of my best writing is totally whimsical! Happy Travels!

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No Meat, No Rats, No Dysentery: Food Road Rules

I love it!! This is how a lot of travelers feel while dining on street food/some foreign restaurants!

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Lovely Liverpool

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Lines and Curves

Lines & Curves, uh? No – seriously, i love this blogpost!

Travel Monkey

_MG_2007 Kongo spent the morning in Balboa Park, one of his favorite spots, studying lines and curves. He’s come to appreciate how verticals add tension and horizontals soothe. Check out these images and see what you think.  The image above has strong vertical lines from the palm trees contrasted against the horizontal angles of the building.

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Congrats Sage Kotsenburg, golden in Men’s Slopestyle (MORE OLYMPIC PHOTOS—-> )

Congratulations SAGE KOTSENBURG!!!  You Rock @SageKotsenburg…See it really does pay off to spend #AmericanDays skateboarding down railings every Saturday!!!!  #USARules & #Rocks!!


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Las Vegas – What Happens Here Stays Here

What Happens Here Stays Here.
Living Large in #LasVegas #1EntertainmentCity #WhatHappensHereStaysHere #ESLCarnival

Okay, Up early this morning on TWITTER and just lovin’ my city. Las Vegas. Really. What Happens Here Stays Here. And I’m so glad that it does!! I love this video with the hesitant guy who all of his life seems to refuse to go with the flow. Finally! He listens to his friends and takes off to have fun at Caesar’s Palace! (I basically live at Caesar’s Palace!) Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world! I love my city and please come visit! 🙂

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Votivkirche Vienna

I shall be traveling to Vienna soon!!!

Habitual Runaway Tours

Votivkirch Detail

After bundling up, I decided to walk the 2.7 kilometres from my Neubaugasse/Mariahilferstrasse address to the impressive Votivkirche (Votive Church).

There is no way to really describe a downtown Vienna walk. The usual adjectives simply do not suffice. Gorgeous, breathtaking, grand, stunning – all just over used words. And it is not just the general appearance of Vienna – it is also the history that inspires me.

Route To Votivkirche

I was wide eyed and gap mouthed the entire distance. And I didn’t even notice the cold.

The Votivkirche is not the oldest church Vienna has to offer, as a matter of fact, by ‘church terms’ the Votivkirche is barely even a teenager.

Completed in 1879, the church was built (after a successful campaign led by the Emperors brother Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian), as a thank you to God for sparing the life of Emperor Franz Joseph after an assassination attempt.

Statues On The Votivkirche


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Thailand Protests in pictures: 28th November 2013, Hat Yai

Thanks for keeping us updated on these protests in Thailand!!!!


IMG_0507Flags were flying despite the damp weather.


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One of my favorite capitals in the world – Edinburgh

Honored to reblog tjis wonderful post on Eindenburg….cant wait to visit!!!!

Journey Around The Globe

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: Edinburgh is a city steeped in stories, myths, and legends. Enclosed by Nor Loch, Edinburgh has been the royal capital of Scotland since 1437. While ancient volcanic activity shaped its landscape, many medieval relics made its history more charming and intriguing.

Panoramic view of the city and Nor Loch from Edinburgh Castle
Panoramic view of the city and Nor Loch from Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh’s Old Town was also shaped by prehistoric volcanic activity. Built on a steep volcanic rock that protected the Castle and town from attack, the town developed along the ridge, Royal Mile that runs from the Castle to Holyrood Palace. The growth of the town was constricted by its medieval boundaries. Therefore, Edinburgh couldn’t expand outwards, so it started rising upwards with multistory buildings. The city is enclosed south and north by Loch Nor.

Royal Mile - the backbone of Old Edinburgh. Scottish Parliament (on the right) and Holyrood Palace (in the back)
Royal Mile – the backbone of Old Edinburgh. Scottish Parliament (on the right) and Holyrood Palace (in the…

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